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Spartacus' Covid-19 Reference Library

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These are the reference end notes for Spartacus' Letter

See: ... 470#p16693

COVID-19 is not a viral pneumonia — it is a viral vascular endotheliitis: ... 5/fulltext ... 38/5901158 ... .202152744

COVID-19 is not just a respiratory disease — it can precipitate multiple organ failure, including hypoxic
and inflammatory damage to various vital organs, such as the brain, heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys, and
intestines: ... 0100821133 ... 2020106230 ... le/2776538

Some of the most common laboratory findings in COVID-19: ... l-features

COVID-19 can present as almost anything: ... 00526/full

COVID-19 is more severe in those with conditions that involve endothelial dysfunction, such as obesity,
hypertension, and diabetes: ... rticle-JIR ... le/2772071 ... -00933.pdf

The vast majority of COVID-19 cases are mild and do not cause significant disease: ... 86/5875595

In those who have critical COVID-19-induced sepsis, hypoxia, coagulopathy, and ARDS, the most common
treatments are intubation, injected corticosteroids, and blood thinners like heparin, which often
precipitate harmful hemorrhages:

The majority of people who go on a ventilator are dying due to COVID-19 mimicking the physiology of
ischemia-reperfusion injury with prolonged transient hypoxia and ischemia, leading directly to the
formation of damaging reactive oxygen species:

https://www.journalofsurgicalresearch.c ... 0/fulltext ... 401-0168CP

The end-stage of COVID-19 is severe lipid peroxidation, where fats in the body start to “rust” due to
damage by oxidative stress:

Oxidized lipids appear as foreign objects to the immune system, which recognizes and forms antibodies
against OSEs, or oxidation-specific epitopes: ... 5.full.pdf ... vid-19.asp

In COVID-19, neutrophil degranulation and NETosis in the bloodstream drives severe oxidative damage;
hemoglobin becomes incapable of carrying oxygen due to heme iron being stripped out of heme by
hypochlorous acid: ... 262030052X

SARS-CoV-2 Spike binds to ACE2. Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2 is an enzyme that is part of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, or RAAS. The RAAS is a hormone control system that moderates fluid volume and blood pressure in the body and in the bloodstream by controlling sodium/potassium retention and excretion and vascular tone: ... sure_renin

This protein, ACE2, is ubiquitous in every part of the body that interfaces with the circulatory system, particularly in vascular endothelial cells and pericytes, brain astrocytes, renal tubules and podocytes, pancreatic islet cells, bile duct and intestinal epithelial cells, and the seminiferous ducts of the testis, all of which SARS-CoV-2 can infect: ... 94495/full ... 73095/full

SARS-CoV-2 infects a cell as follows: ... 2820306211

SARS-CoV-2 Spike proteins embedded in a cell can actually cause adjacent human cells to fuse together,
forming syncytia/MGCs:

SARS-CoV-2’s viroporins, such as its Envelope protein, act as calcium ion channels, introducing calcium
into infected cells: ... 019-1182-0

The virus suppresses the natural interferon response, resulting in delayed inflammation: ... -01433.pdf

SARS-CoV-2 N protein can also directly activate the NLRP3 inflammasome: ... 01021/full

SARS-CoV-2 suppresses the Nrf2 antioxidant pathway, reducing the body’s own endogenous antioxidant enzyme activity: ... 20-00362-7 ... -07963.pdf

The suppression of ACE2 by binding with Spike causes a buildup of bradykinin that would otherwise be broken down by ACE2: ... -19--67876

This constant calcium influx into the cells results in (or is accompanied by) noticeable hypocalcemia, or low blood calcium: ... 2121000059

Bradykinin upregulates cAMP, cGMP, COX, and Phospholipase C activity. This results in prostaglandin release and vastly increased intracellular calcium signaling, which promotes highly aggressive ROS release and ATP depletion: ... via%3Dihub ... or-agonist ... bradykinin

NADPH oxidase releases superoxide into the extracellular space:

Superoxide radicals react with nitric oxide to form peroxynitrite:

Peroxynitrite reacts with the tetrahydrobiopterin cofactor needed by endothelial nitric oxide synthase, destroying it and “uncoupling” the eNOS enzymes, causing nitric oxide synthase to synthesize more superoxide instead (this means that every process that upregulates NOS activity now produces superoxide instead of nitric oxide): ... 1/8/316487

This proceeds in a positive feedback loop until nitric oxide bioavailability in the circulatory system is depleted:

Dissolved nitric oxide gas produced constantly by eNOS serves many important functions, but it is also antiviral against SARS-like coronaviruses, preventing the palmitoylation of the viral Spike protein and making it harder for it to bind to host receptors: ... X/fulltext

The loss of NO allows the virus to begin replicating with impunity in the body (clearly, the virus has an evolutionary incentive to induce oxidative stress to destroy nitric oxide): ... ars-cov-2/

Those with endothelial dysfunction (i.e. hypertension, diabetes, obesity, old age, African-American race) have redox equilibrium issues to begin with, giving the virus an advantage: ... 05908/full

Due to the extreme cytokine release triggered by these processes, the body summons a great deal of neutrophils and monocyte-derived alveolar macrophages to the lungs: ... 52470/full ... 20109/full

Phagocytic cells of the innate immune system are the first-line defenders against pathogens. They work by engulfing invaders and trying to attack them with enzymes that produce powerful oxidants, like SOD and MPO: ... 00174/full ... lb.0809549

Superoxide dismutase takes superoxide and makes hydrogen peroxide, and myeloperoxidase takes hydrogen peroxide and chlorine ions and makes hypochlorous acid, which is many, many times more reactive than sodium hypochlorite bleach: ... -dismutase ... peroxidase

In severe and critical COVID-19, there is actually rather severe NETosis: ... 08302/full ... tribute-to ... 262030052X

Hypochlorous acid building up in the bloodstream begins to bleach the iron out of heme and compete for O2 binding sites. Red blood cells lose the ability to transport oxygen, causing the sufferer to turn blue in the face: ... ne.0120737

Unliganded iron, hydrogen peroxide, and superoxide in the bloodstream undergo the Haber-Weiss and Fenton reactions, producing extremely reactive hydroxyl radicals that violently strip electrons from surrounding fats and DNA, oxidizing them severely: ... 2221000135 ... via%3Dihub ... n-reaction ... _330729897

This condition is not unknown to medical science. The actual name for all of this is acute sepsis (but without the traditional hallmarks of sepsis, like shock): ... -2020-0312 ... oronavirus

We know this is happening in COVID-19 because people who have died of the disease have noticeable
ferroptosis signatures in their tissues, as well as various other oxidative stress markers such as
nitrotyrosine, 4-HNE, and malondialdehyde: ... ehf2.12958 ... 1721001300 ... e_COVID-19 ... m=fulltext

When you intubate someone with this condition, you are setting off a free radical bomb by supplying the
cells with O2. It’s a catch-22, because we need oxygen to make Adenosine Triphosphate (that is, to live),
but O2 is also the precursor of all these damaging radicals that lead to lipid peroxidation:

The correct treatment for severe COVID-19 related sepsis is non-invasive ventilation, steroids, and
antioxidant infusions: ... -protocol/ ... ic.25.aspx ... 619-v2.pdf

Most of the drugs repurposed for COVID-19 that show any benefit whatsoever in rescuing critically-ill
COVID-19 patients are antioxidants. N-acetylcysteine, melatonin, fluvoxamine, budesonide, famotidine,
cimetidine, and ranitidine are all antioxidants: ... via%3Dihub

Indomethacin prevents iron-driven oxidation of arachidonic acid to isoprostanes: ... 3079900442

There are powerful antioxidants such as apocynin that have not even been tested on COVID-19 patients
yet which could defang neutrophils, prevent lipid peroxidation, restore endothelial health, and restore
oxygenation to the tissues: ... 20-00715-5

Scientists who know anything about pulmonary neutrophilia, ARDS, and redox biology have known or
surmised much of this since March 2020: ... _treatment

In April 2020, Swiss scientists confirmed that COVID-19 was a systemic vascular endotheliitis: ... theliitis/

By late 2020, experts had already concluded that COVID-19 causes a form of viral sepsis: ... ral-sepsis

They also know that sepsis can be effectively treated with antioxidants: ... -match.php

None of this information is particularly new, and yet, for the most part, it has not been acted upon.
Doctors continue to use damaging intubation techniques with high PEEP settings despite high lung
compliance and poor oxygenation, killing an untold number of critically ill patients with medical
malpractice: ... 20-03049-4 ... le/2765302

Because of the way they are constructed, Randomized Control Trials will never show any benefit for any
antiviral against COVID-19. Not Remdesivir, not Kaletra, not HCQ, and not Ivermectin. The reason for this
is simple; for the patients that they have enrolled in these studies, such as Oxford’s ludicrous RECOVERY
study, the intervention is too late to have any positive effect (i.e. these RCTs are designed in such a way
that the use of antivirals is futile, therefore, these studies are deceptive and unethical by their very

The clinical course of COVID-19 is such that by the time most people seek medical attention for hypoxia,
their viral load has already tapered off to almost nothing. If someone is about 10 days post-exposure and
has already been symptomatic for five days, there is hardly any virus left in their bodies, only cellular
damage and derangement that has initiated a hyperinflammatory response: ... id-19-care ... 2220306867

It is from this group that the clinical trials for antivirals have recruited, pretty much exclusively (i.e. they
do not test prophylaxis/early treatment, only changes to the mean duration of hospitalization for those
already hospitalized):

India went against the instructions of the WHO and mandated the prophylactic usage of Ivermectin. They
have almost completely eradicated COVID-19: ... -in-india/

The Indian Bar Association of Mumbai has brought criminal charges against WHO Chief Scientist Dr.
Soumya Swaminathan for recommending against the use of Ivermectin: ... 6-2021.pdf

Ivermectin is not “horse dewormer”. Yes, it is sold in veterinary paste form as a dewormer for animals. It
has also been available in pill form for humans for decades, as an antiparasitic drug:

The media have disingenuously claimed that because Ivermectin is an antiparasitic drug, it has no utility
as an antivirus. This is incorrect. Ivermectin has utility as an antiviral. It blocks importin, preventing
nuclear import, effectively inhibiting viral access to cell nuclei. Many drugs currently on the market have
multiple modes of action. Ivermectin is one such drug. It is both antiparasitic and antiviral: ... via%3Dihub

In Bangladesh, Ivermectin costs $1.80 for an entire 5-day course: ... _of.7.aspx

Remdesivir, which is toxic to the liver, costs $3,120 for a 5-day course of the drug: ... -treatment

Billions of dollars of utterly useless Remdesivir were sold to our governments on the taxpayer’s dime, and
it ended up being totally useless for treating hyperinflammatory COVID-19: ... instay-hiv ... 6034e666c2

COVID-19 is airborne. The WHO carried water for China by claiming that the virus was only droplet-
borne. Our own CDC absurdly claimed that it was mostly transmitted by fomite-to-face contact, which,
given its rapid spread from Wuhan to the rest of the world, would have been physically impossible: ... 2/fulltext ... te-article

The ridiculous belief in fomite-to-face being a primary mode of transmission led to the use of surface
disinfection protocols that wasted time, energy, productivity, and disinfectant:

The 6-foot guidelines are absolutely useless. The minimum safe distance to protect oneself from an
aerosolized virus is to be 15+ feet away from an infected person, no closer. Realistically, no public transit
is safe
: ... 20167395v1 ... ol-spread/

Surgical masks do not protect you from aerosols. The virus is too small and the filter media has too large
of gaps to filter it out. They may catch respiratory droplets and keep the virus from being expelled by
someone who is sick, but they do not filter a cloud of infectious aerosols if someone were to walk into
said cloud:

The minimum level of protection against this virus is quite literally a P100 respirator, a PAPR/CAPR, or a
40mm NATO CBRN respirator, ideally paired with a full-body tyvek or tychem suit, gloves, and booties,
with all the holes and gaps taped (in a pinch, surgical masks can be modified or worn a specific way to
increase filtration): ... t-covid-19 ... xair-capr/

Live SARS-CoV-2 may potentially be detected in sewage outflows, and there may be oral-fecal
transmission: ... 9720325936 ... ne.0249568

During the SARS outbreak in 2003, in the Amoy Gardens incident, hundreds of people were infected by
aerosolized fecal matter rising from floor drains in their apartments (there is some valid concern that
COVID-19 may also spread the same way, given its similarities to SARS): ... f-SARS.pdf ... ins--25600

The vaccines for COVID-19 are not sterilizing and do not prevent infection or transmission. They are
“leaky” vaccines. This means they remove the evolutionary pressure on the virus to become less lethal. It
also means that the vaccinated are perfect carriers. In other words, those who are vaccinated are a
threat to the unvaccinated, not the other way around: ... ses-072715 ... 91050.html ... id-19.html ... m=referral

All of the COVID-19 vaccines currently in use have undergone minimal testing, with highly accelerated
clinical trials. Though they appear to limit severe illness, the long-term safety profile of these vaccines
remains unknown: ... cal-95853/ ... nes-rushed

Some of these so-called “vaccines” utilize an untested new technology that has never been used in
vaccines before. Traditional vaccines use weakened or killed virus to stimulate an immune response. The
Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines do not. They are purported to consist of an intramuscular shot
containing a suspension of lipid nanoparticles filled with messenger RNA: ... ines/99/i8 ... /mrna.html ... avaccines/

The way they generate an immune response is by fusing with cells in a vaccine recipient’s shoulder,
undergoing endocytosis, releasing their mRNA cargo into those cells, and then utilizing the ribosomes in
those cells to synthesize modified SARS-CoV-2 Spike proteins in-situ: ... 0Work.pdf

These vaccines were produced or validated with the aid of fetal cell lines HEK-293 and PER.C6, which
people with certain religious convictions may object strongly to: ... andout.pdf ... revisited/

SARS-CoV-2 Spike is a highly pathogenic protein on its own. It is impossible to overstate the danger
presented by introducing this protein into the human body: ... arents.pdf ... 9-vaccine/

It is claimed by vaccine manufacturers that the vaccine remains in cells in the shoulder, and that SARS-
CoV-2 Spike produced and expressed by these cells from the vaccine’s genetic material is harmless and
inert, thanks to the insertion of prolines in the Spike sequence to stabilize it in the prefusion
conformation, preventing the Spike from becoming active and fusing with other cells: ... -19/98/i38

However, a pharmacokinetic study from Japan showed that the lipid nanoparticles and mRNA from the
Pfizer vaccine did not stay in the shoulder, and in fact bioaccumulated in many different organs,
including the reproductive organs and adrenal glands, meaning that modified Spike is being expressed
quite literally all over the place:

These lipid nanoparticles may trigger anaphylaxis in an unlucky few:

Messenger RNA is normally consumed right after it is produced in the body, being translated into a
protein by a ribosome. COVID-19 vaccine mRNA is produced outside the body, long before a ribosome
translates it. In the meantime, it could accumulate damage if inadequately preserved. When a ribosome
attempts to translate a damaged strand of mRNA, it can become stalled: ... 00431/full

Certain proteins, including SARS-CoV-2 Spike, have proteolytic cleavage sites that are basically like little
dotted lines that say “cut here”, which attract a living organism’s own proteases (essentially, molecular
scissors) to cut them. There is a possibility that S1 may be proteolytically cleaved from S2, causing active
S1 to float away into the bloodstream while leaving the S2 “stalk” embedded in the membrane of the cell
that expressed the protein: ... 65/6279075 ... e202000786

SARS-CoV-2 Spike has a Superantigenic region (SAg), which may promote extreme inflammation:

Anti-Spike antibodies were found in one study to function as autoantibodies and attack the body’s own

Those who have been immunized with COVID-19 vaccines have developed blood clots, myocarditis,
Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Bell’s Palsy, and multiple sclerosis flares, indicating that the vaccine promotes
autoimmune reactions against healthy tissue: ... -concerns/ ... ly-13-2021 ... 2021-08-17

SARS-CoV-2 Spike does not only bind to ACE2. It was suspected to have regions that bind to basigin,
integrins, neuropilin-1, and bacterial lipopolysaccharides as well: ... ce.abd3072 ... ne.0253347

SARS-CoV-2 Spike, on its own, can potentially bind any of these things and act as a ligand for them,
triggering unspecified and likely highly inflammatory cellular activity:

SARS-CoV-2 Spike contains an unusual PRRA insert that forms a furin cleavage site. Furin is a ubiquitous
human protease, making this an ideal property for the Spike to have, giving it a high degree of cell
tropism. No wild-type SARS-like coronaviruses related to SARS-CoV-2 possess this feature, making it
highly suspicious, and perhaps a sign of human tampering: ... 6dd7413748

SARS-CoV-2 Spike has a prion-like domain that enhances its infectiousness: ... ne.0023664

The Spike S1 RBD may bind to heparin-binding proteins and promote amyloid aggregation. In humans,
this could lead to Parkinson’s, Lewy Body Dementia, premature Alzheimer’s, or various other
neurodegenerative diseases:

This is very concerning because SARS-CoV-2 S1 is capable of penetrating the blood-brain barrier and
entering the brain. It is capable of increasing the permeability of the blood-brain barrier to itself and
other molecules by injuring and disrupting it directly:

SARS-CoV-2, like other betacoronaviruses, may have Dengue-like ADE, or antibody-dependent
enhancement of disease: ... 3/fulltext ... ting-sick/ ... 1220307311 ... 2.457114v1

There is something called Original Antigenic Sin, which is the observation that the body prefers to
produce antibodies based on previously-encountered strains of a virus over newly-encountered ones:

In ADE, antibodies from a previous infection become non-neutralizing due to mutations in the virus’s
proteins. These non-neutralizing antibodies then act as trojan horses, allowing live, active virus to be
pulled into macrophages through their Fc receptor pathways: ... nhancement ... 57857.html

It is possible for vaccines to sensitize someone to disease. There is a precedent for this in recent history.
Sanofi’s Dengvaxia vaccine for Dengue failed because it caused immune sensitization in people whose
immune systems were Dengue-naïve: ... 72681/full ... t-disease/ ... -disaster/

In mice immunized against SARS-CoV and challenged with the virus, a close relative of SARS-CoV-2, they
developed immune sensitization, Th2 immunopathology, and eosinophil infiltration in their lungs: ... ne.0035421

We have been told that SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines cannot be integrated into the human genome,
because messenger RNA cannot be turned back into DNA. This is false. There are elements in human cells
called LINE-1 retrotransposons, which can indeed integrate mRNA into a human genome by endogenous
reverse transcription: ... after-all/ ... a-vaccine/

The vaccine and the virus were made by the same people. In 2014, there was a moratorium on SARS
gain-of-function research that lasted until 2017: ... nction.pdf ... -research/ ... n-research

Ralph Baric is a virologist and SARS expert at UNC Chapel Hill in North Carolina. This is who Anthony
Fauci was referring to when he insisted, before Congress, that if any gain-of-function research was being
conducted, it was being conducted in North Carolina: ... e-decades/

Ralph Baric and Shi Zhengli are colleagues and have co-written papers together:

Ralph Baric mentored Shi Zhengli in his gain-of-function manipulation techniques, particularly serial
passage, which results in a virus that appears as if it originated naturally. In other words, deniable
bioweapons. Serial passage in humanized hACE2 mice may have produced something like SARS-CoV-2: ... -to-wuhan/ ... n-covid-19 ... heory.html

The funding for the gain-of-function research being conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology came
from Peter Daszak. Peter Daszak runs an NGO called EcoHealth Alliance: ... -research/ ... led-grant/

EcoHealth Alliance received millions of dollars in grant money from the National Institutes of
Health/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (that is, Anthony Fauci), the Defense Threat
Reduction Agency (part of the US Department of Defense), and the United States Agency for
International Development. NIH/NIAID contributed a few million dollars, and DTRA and USAID each
contributed tens of millions of dollars towards this research. Altogether, it was over a hundred million
dollars: ... tracts.pdf

EcoHealth Alliance subcontracted these grants to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a lab in China with a
very questionable safety record and poorly-trained staff, so that they could conduct gain-of-function
research: ... ocs-allege ... wuhan-lab/ ... ci-grants/ ... 021-00696/ ... n_post.pdf ... 020-4?op=1

Chinese scientists in Wuhan reported being routinely bitten and urinated on by laboratory animals: ... da0204.pdf ... oronavirus

In November of 2019, three technicians at the Wuhan Institute of Virology developed symptoms
consistent with a flu-like illness: ... rs-illness ... esearchers

December 12 th , 2019, Ralph Baric signed a Material Transfer Agreement (essentially, an NDA) to receive
Coronavirus mRNA vaccine-related materials co-owned by Moderna and NIH: ... -covid-19/ ... ements.pdf

It wasn’t until a whole month later, on January 11 th , 2020, that China allegedly sent us the sequence to
what would become known as SARS-CoV-2: ... now-deadly ... 114748.htm

Moderna claims, rather absurdly, that they developed a working vaccine from this sequence in under 48
hours: ... ys-2020-11 ... -it-works/ ... esign.html

Stéphane Bancel, the current CEO of Moderna, was formerly the CEO of bioMérieux, a French
multinational corporation specializing in medical diagnostic tech, founded by one Alain Mérieux: ... ur-general ... ane-bancel

Alain Mérieux was one of the individuals who was instrumental in the construction of the Wuhan
Institute of Virology’s P4 lab: ... hip-award/ ... versy.html ... 87624.html ... 87624.html

The sequence given as the closest relative to SARS-CoV-2, RaTG13, is not a real virus. It is a forgery: ... of-ratg13/

The animal reservoir of SARS-CoV-2 has never been found: ... gin-wuhan/ ... ov-2-virus

The FBI raided Allure Medical in Shelby Township north of Detroit for billing insurance for “fraudulent
COVID-19 cures”. The treatment they were using? Intravenous Vitamin C. An antioxidant. Which, as
described above, is an entirely valid treatment for COVID-19-induced sepsis, and indeed, is now part of
the MATH+ protocol advanced by Dr. Paul E. Marik: ... 038801001/ ... 197315002/ ... -protocol/ ... NGLISH.pdf ... via%3Dihub ... for-sepsis ... psis-trial

The FDA banned ranitidine (Zantac) due to supposed NDMA (N-nitrosodimethylamine) contamination: ... ranitidine ... ranitidine

Ranitidine is not only an H2 blocker used as antacid, but also has a powerful antioxidant effect,
scavenging hydroxyl radicals. This gives it utility in treating COVID-19: ... 09.00810.x ... 1319342203

The FDA also attempted to take N-acetylcysteine, a harmless amino acid supplement and antioxidant, off
the shelves, compelling Amazon to remove it from their online storefront: ... 4-07232020 ... upplements ... ord-on-NAC ... upplements

On June 9 th , 2020, Charles Lieber, a Harvard nanotechnology researcher with decades of experience, was
indicted by the DOJ for fraud: ... na-related

Charles Lieber received millions of dollars in grant money from the US Department of Defense,
specifically the military think tanks DARPA, AFOSR, and ONR, as well as NIH and MITRE:

His specialty is the use of silicon nanowires in lieu of patch clamp electrodes to monitor and modulate
intracellular activity, something he has been working on at Harvard for the past twenty years: ... ransistors

He was claimed to have been working on silicon nanowire batteries in China, but none of his colleagues
can recall him ever having worked on battery technology in his life; all of his research deals with
bionanotechnology, or the blending of nanotech with living cells: ... y-research ... ng-blocks/ ... es-update/

The indictment was over his collaboration with the Wuhan University of Technology. He had double-
dipped, against the terms of his DOD grants, and taken money from the PRC’s Thousand Talents plan, a
program which the Chinese government uses to bribe Western scientists into sharing proprietary R&D
information that can be exploited by the PLA for strategic advantage (this risk has been known for a very
long time): ... nt-charges ... eturn.html ... 0Plans.pdf ... ademia.pdf ... aboration/ ... ng-TTP.pdf

Charles Lieber’s own papers describe the use of silicon nanowires for brain-computer interfaces, or
“neural lace” technology. His papers describe how neurons can endocytose whole silicon nanowires or
parts of them, monitoring and even modulating neuronal activity: ... rfaces.pdf

Charles Lieber was a colleague of Robert Langer. Together, along with Daniel S. Kohane, they worked on
a paper describing artificial tissue scaffolds that could be implanted in a human heart to monitor its
activity remotely: ... he-beat-2/ ... -wires.pdf

Robert Langer, an MIT alumnus and expert in nanotech drug delivery, is one of the co-founders of

His net worth is now $5.1 billion USD thanks to Moderna’s mRNA-1273 vaccine sales: ... c3819a3a90 ... llionaire/

Both Charles Lieber and Robert Langer’s bibliographies describe, essentially, techniques for human
enhancement, i.e. transhumanism:

Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum and the architect behind the so-called “Great
Reset”, has long spoken of the “blending of biology and machinery” in his books: ... -identity/ ... las-davis/

Since these revelations, it has come to the attention of independent researchers that the COVID-19
vaccines (and even some surgical masks) may contain reduced graphene oxide nanoparticles: ... vid-shots/ ... -democide/ ... ained.html ... -1.5966387 ... lungs.html

Japanese researchers have also found unexplained contaminants in COVID-19 vaccines: ... s-n1277669 ... les-report ... o-magnets/

Graphene oxide is an anxiolytic. It has been shown to reduce the anxiety of laboratory mice when
injected into their brains: ... 1221001058 ... ene-oxide/

Indeed, given SARS-CoV-2 Spike’s propensity to compromise the blood-brain barrier and increase its
permeability, it is the perfect protein for preparing brain tissue for extravasation of nanoparticles from
the bloodstream and into the brain: ... 9-patients ... n-barrier/ ... ta_scirep ... 5916303236

Graphene is also highly conductive and, in some circumstances, paramagnetic: ... etism.html ... 2319305809 ... onics.html

BRAIN is an acronym for Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies®. This
program involves the development of brain-computer interface technologies for the military, particularly
non-invasive, injectable systems that cause minimal damage to brain tissue when removed: ... initiative

Various methods have been proposed for achieving this, including optogenetics, magnetogenetics,
ultrasound, implanted electrodes, and transcranial electromagnetic stimulation. In all instances, the goal
is to obtain read or read-write capability over neurons:

Wireless brain-computer interfaces may interact with current or future wireless GSM infrastructure,
creating neurological data security concerns: ... 00112/full ... e-wireless ... reless-bci

A BCI that is capable of altering the contents of one’s mind would theoretically be capable of altering
mood and personality, or perhaps even subjugating someone’s very will, rendering them utterly obedient
to authority: ... 012-9298-7 ... d_reading/

BCIs could be used to unscrupulously alter perceptions of basic things such as emotions and values,
changing people’s thresholds of satiety, happiness, anger, disgust, and so forth: ... late-mood/

For the wealthy, neural laces would be an unequaled boon, giving them the opportunity to enhance their
intelligence with neuroprosthetics (i.e. an “exocortex”): ... ext-brands

The people who rule over us are Dark Triad types who cannot be trusted with such power: ... p-position ... ak2010.pdf ... hs/260517/ ... 7ef9073477 ... rship-csr/ ... 1-percent/ ... athic-ceo/ ... _workplace
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