GB Mastering's Transfer Console

Construction information for DIY projects, including the MS Mid Side Matrix, Elliptic Equalizer, Mastering Console, Phono Transfer System, Insert Switcher and the Dual Class-A Amplifier. You can post your baby pictures here.
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GB Mastering's Transfer Console

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Gregor sent me a link to his web page at GB mastering and asked me to share it with you.

Thanks for sending this and pardon my delay in posting it!
Mastering Transfer Console

I finally finished building my Mastering Transfer Console!

It’s has 8 inserts with flip for the first 6 inserts, a MS-Matrix for inserts 5-6 including width control, side signal tilt eq and various solo and mute functions, an elliptical filter, independent output gain control in 0.5 dB steps using Elma switches, an Alps Big Blue potentiometer for turning down the processed signal to match the input signal at unity gain for better comparison (which is relay-bypassable of course), a global bypass function and two stereo ins and outs. I will label the unlabelled switches soon.

For the MS-Matrix and elliptical filter I used Wayne Kirkwoods excellent PCBs. I can highly recommend them to anybody stupid enough to build his own console! The insert PCBs are also available at Waynes shop, but were designed by a german guy called majestic12. Thanks dude, they are great as well!

And I know I could still improve on cable management, but I’m honestly too lazy for that, especially since most of those cables only carry control voltages for the illumination and relays. Speaking of them: There are 84 Panasonic DS2Y relays inside this box! The pushbutton switches are EAO.

Oh, and did I mention there is also an 32 channel Neumann V475-2C analog summing mixer built inside? Because… why not?


2 Stereo Ins & Outs
8 Stereo Inserts with „Flip“ functionality
Powerful and highest quality MS-Matrix
12dB/Oct Elliptical Filter
Stepped Output control incl. unity gain pot
Elma & Blore-Edwards rotary switches
EAO pushbutton switches
Everything is relay-bypassable using Panasonic relays
32 channel Neumann V475-2C Summing Mixer inside
External PSU
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